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Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Sat Aug 16 14:09:18 CDT 1997

On Sat, 16 Aug 1997, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:

> will get into a householder's life. He points out it's as foolish as
> being on one side of the bank of a river and taking a boat to reach the
> same side of the bank :-). Makes sound sense.

        Can you tell me where Shankara says this i.e., in which bhashya
or stotra. Thanks.

> parivrAjaka upanishhhat, which shrI vidyAraNya has used (Giri mentioned
> this). I don't have this upanishhat memorized and will have to get my

        Translations of his upanishhad can be easily found in USA. It
is also available in the book by ramanathan of the adyar library called
'samnyasa upanisads.'

> book from home. There are also very many other upanishhat-s which talk
> about this rather explicitly. However, I fear this is going to be
> another case of the "fate vs free-will". However many scriptural
> references are given people are not willing to change their mind.

        We can not quote Shankara for all his commentary on upanishhads
and then say that what Shankara says about karma and jnana being
incompatible (in most cases) is not correct. The same goes with mantras.
The scriptures say that doing such and such mantra is useful and we
believe them. But, then we cannot say they are wrong when the _same_
scriptures say that adhikara is required for the mantras. Shri Rama and
Vidya have said similar things regarding adhikara.


PS : I am embarrassed by Shri Ravi's post. However, anyone who have had
contact with Ravi knows that he downplays all his work and increases
the other person's contribution millionfold.
        Let his words not misguide anyone. I have several faults and
neither have enough bookish knowledge, bhakti, vairagya, nor jnana.  And
my contribution to this list (either in creating it or posting to it) is
less than a drop in the ocean. On the other hand, many knowledgable
persons on this list including Ravi have solely inspired me to intensify
whatever sadhana (if it can be called that) I do. It is only Ravi, under
the guidance of the Mother of the whole world, who created, maintains and
provides people like me (who are in need for satsangh) with a forum.
        God willing, I will join the list as soon I get a new email
address in Bharat.

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