Osho speaks!

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rbalasub at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Sun Aug 17 12:31:53 CDT 1997

Chelluri at AOL.COM wrote:

>Venkat You said it very well.  "Who knows what is right and What is wrong"
>What is right for one may not be right for other.    GOD ONLY KNOWS!
>Ramakrishnan says "This is exactly the kind of thinking condemned by >GYAnis"

Nageshwar Rao, I remember that you are a devotee of shrI
chandrashekharendra sarasvatI. Please ask shrI jeyendrasarasvatI, who
learnt vedAnta at his feet for 25 years or shrI vijayendra sarasavatI in
whose studies and training shrI chandrashekharendra srasvatI took a
personal interest. They would strongly disagree with this "what is right
for me may not be right for him" statement. What are the shAstra-s there
for? If God only knows, then it means the shastra-s must be followed,
after all they were given by God. Please see the BG.

>My advise to all whatever it may be worth
>Do not judge others before you judge yourself whatever you identify with!
>Leave the judgement to Supreme.

I agree. I didn't bring up the topic of Osho and don't even think about
him or his philosophy anytime. The point was: Is Osho's teaching
consistent with advaita? My point is that it is not. This is the
_advaita_ list and IMO, it's extremely incorrect to keep silent when
someone says Osho represents advaita. I feel that it is one's duty to
speak out and check the flow of misinformation. If I am incorrect, at
least I can correct my understanding of advaita. Isn't that the purpose
of the list? Please read my crticisms of Osho's philosophy and point out
any mistakes in my logic if you feel there are any. Handwaving stuff
like "what is good for him" etc serves no purpose.


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