Osho speaks!

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Mon Aug 18 03:59:55 CDT 1997

At 04:06 PM 16/08/97 -0500, Ramakrishnan wrote:

>But then, if Osho-Om-Rajneesh were to tell that to his fat, middle-aged,
>rich, male disciples they would've laughed and been on their way.
>Instead providing them with unrestricted access to young women and they
>providing him with Rolls-Royces is a very comfortable arrangement
>indeed. Based on this I wouldn't call Rajneesh a philosopher but a
>member of another profession. Of course, there are enough low IQ men and
>women to fall for any kind of nonsense, especially when free access to
>drugs and sex is available.

...........This is the 70's and 80's that we are talking about. There was
plenty of access to sex and drugs without Osho.

>But well, I digress. Calling this profound
>philosophy is even better. What more could a man want? Unrestricted
>indulgence with women and drugs all the while calling it profound
>philosophy! The garb of philosophy is also very convenient for
>abandoning their families! Very, very attractive indeed!

...............Judging by the juiciness of your writing above you are
proving Osho right! No wonder you were interested in him!

Best to All !


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