Householder Vs Jnani

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Mon Aug 18 13:15:41 CDT 1997

Based on the articles regarding the Sanyaasin Vs Householder, dilemma,
there are  a few points that most of us agree on :

1. It's not really necessary to take up Sanyaas to attain Jnana.

2. Even a householder can be a Jnani.

3. Renunciation is more on the mental level that the worldly level.

4. Even though it's not really necessary, Sanyaasin does provides the
ideal environment for Jnana. And ideally, the true Jnani would become a
wandering ascetic spreading the teaching.

So my question is, if the Householder truly wishes Liberation, has no ties
to bind him, has no desires, what exactly prevents him from taking up
Sanyaasin and become a wandering ascetic, which after all is the ideal
environment for Moksha?

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