ego process

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at CCO.CALTECH.EDU
Tue Aug 19 15:26:51 CDT 1997

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> Is the ego looked for in order to facilitate the vision of its
> abscence? Is the true self the seeing of the abscence of the ego?
> I'd say "yes", but you might disagree. If "yes", how does that square
> with Sankara and Advaita proper?

There is a story in an upanishad (kaTha or taittirIya, if I remember
right) where the guru keeps pointing out the non-Selfhood of everything.
At the end, the disciple says that after all this negation, he sees only
the void, at which point, the guru points out that all this absence is
being seen by the Seer, which is the true Self.

The upanishad does not use the term ego, but the point is exactly the
same. Similarly, there is another story where the guru points out that
Silence is the Atman. All of Ramana's sayings agree with these.


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