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On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Venkat Puntambekar wrote:

>    :On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Venkat Puntambekar wrote:
>    :
>    :> All said and done, "Who knows what is right and what is wrong".
>    :
>    :You do!  you are not a dumb beast but a human being with a brain and a
>    :sense of morality.  Yes, there are gray areas.  Yes, there are situations
>    :when it is better to be tolerant rather than force one opinion on everyone
>    :but come on!  Are you really saying you don't know if mass poisoning is
> I thought I would not respond to these mails. I am sure Jaladhar and Ramakrishnan would
> jump on me and call me a wimp and label me "this guy cannot argue".
> Actually thats fine with me, I am not at all perturbed. Btu I had to say this..
> Now if understanding
> Advaita was like knowing if something is mass poisning, then I am probably one
> of those low IQ folks Ramakrishnan alluded to. If it were that simple, then we would
> not be having this list nor these outbursts. As Martin pointed out "our heart
> and intuition CAN help us know", but it takes practice whihc should lead
> to experience. Scriptures can help you authenticate your experiences. Thats the role
> of scriptures and they help you keep the excitement of the spritual journey.
> ANyway, those who need to understand what I meant by "Who knows what is right and what is
> wrong" would know what I meant. Jaladhar and Ramakrishnan, I have way too much respect
> for you guys. Obviously both of you are well read and can quote the scriptures on
> the fly. Can we now hear some experiences. I am serious. Infact I have asked
> Giri also the same. SO why dont we hear from the rest of the list members about their
> experiences, how they translate the teachings into practice. ANd please lets get
> off the moral high ground.
> Please remmeber that there are a few of us on this list who are new to this journey.
> -venkat

Venkat, I'm sorry there has been some miscommunication here.  My intention
was not to "beat up" on you but rather to appeal to your own higher
nature.  You know full well putting salmonella in peoples salad is no kind
of sadhana whatsoever.  So why the hesitation?   Rajneesh did a lot of
reprehensible things but for some them you do have to stop and think
before condemning  them.  I acknowledge that.  The reason I brought up
this example is because it _doesn't_ require any moral high horse.  It
doesn't even require a moral shetland pony to know it's wrong.  That's why
I'm apalled by the hemming and hawing expressed by some members of this

Experiences are all well and good but they must be evaluated in the light
of reason.  You have heard of the analogy of the charioteer right?  The
senses are like the horses, they make the chariot go forward but it is the
mind as charioteer who makes sure they go in the right direction.

And as for being new at this you aren't!  Puntambekar is a well known name
in Pandityam.  There was a Mahadeva Punatambekar (Punyastambhavasin) who
was an author on Nyaya and a poet I think.  If that's your ancestry you're
well on your way!

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