advaitam and Kashmir shaivam (Idealism and Realism)

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Tue Aug 19 19:53:07 CDT 1997

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Martin Gifford wrote:

> .......Yeah, but as I said, you have to believe in their existence first.

Is there really anyone who doesn't believe in the existence of other
people?  I mean not just for debate on the Internet but really lives there
life that way?  I know you don't.  You did repond to my email after all.

> Which means you think you are infallible.

I don't the connection between this sentance and the previous one.

>Any second things could change and
> your whole 'reality' will be blown. Fingers crossed.....

You're talking about interpretation.  Science doesn't change that
abruptly. Even when it does change (as for example with relativity) it is
seldom that drastic.  Relativity may have altered the Newtonian way of
looking at the world but that view is still valid in its domain and in
fact is put to practical use every day.  That's because there is objective
truth to it.

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