Osho and indulging desires

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Tue Aug 19 21:01:15 CDT 1997

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Dennis Waite wrote:

> I don't think he is saying anything different from what you are, is he
> Ramakrishnan? Nor is he saying anything at odds with advaita is he, Jaldhar?

As a matter of fact it is.  That view is called kamavilayavada and
Sureshwaracharya provides the refutation.

Let's suppose there is this person who has indulged in enough kama to be
sick of it.  There is still the matter of all the prarabdha karma caused
by these actions.   How is he going to get rid of this?  Either he
renounces action in which case all that indulgence was for nothing or he
does more karma which causes more karma ad infinitum.  It is a central
doctrine of Advaita Vedanta that karma can never be gotten rid of through
karma.  Renunciation is the only way.  The only debates you see here about
_when_ and _what_ to renounce not _whether_ to.

> The only thing is, he is making use of an attention catching and
> illustrative story to get the point across; far more entertaining that the
> dry facts of the sruti or the straight scholarly approach. Personally, I am
> all in favour of this.

If it's entertainment you want forget Shankaracharya and Rajneesh and turn
on the TV.  Seinfeld is a good show and so is The Simpsons.

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