Maanasa-yaatraa to the 12 Jyotirlinga's - Ujjain

Wed Aug 20 09:09:49 CDT 1997

  Sorry, but I have not been to Ujjain myself. I am only undertaking a
  "maanasa yaatraa" (a mental journey). The info on Ujjain, I collected
   from various sources.

   I would guess that the Harsiddhi temple which has the idols of
   Mahaasarasvatii, Mahaalakshhmii, and AnnapuurNaa, as also the
   Shrii Chakra is the place where you would perform a chaNDii homa.
   But do ask the local authorities there to be sure.


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Nice posting on Ujjain.  Thats where I am going to perform the 12th chandi
homam and rudra homa in november.   Since you seem to know more about ujjain
could you post which of the two kali temples is shakti peetam.

Shubham                                                   Nageswar

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