Sannyas / ego process / etc.

Thu Aug 21 11:07:18 CDT 1997


Does anyone remember Ramana Maharshi's dialogue with the fellow who is
asking about taking sannyas (or however it's said) ?  I think Ramana says
something to the effect that it would be like replacing the thought of
being a householder with the thought of being a sannyasi. Of course, this
could be entirely out of context and only germane to the individual who
Ramana was responding to, but it does harken back to something Sadananda
(spelling?) said about vichara marga. He said enquiry into the mind leads
to a state of no-mind (one in which mind has no notion of itself). This
reminds me of my original post about whether the ego-process is the act of
identifying oneself with anything else (body, thoughts, ancestry, caste,
etc.)  As Sadananda points out, one's idea of oneself can even include the
loftiest subjects like Advaita, Bhakti, etc.

If there is truth in this appraisal of what the ego process is and if the
ego process is _the_ fundamental obscuration, then anyone who is pleased
with their thought of being this or that may be in for a disappointment.

As for what this may have to do with Osho, etc...


If I poison a lot of people even though I have not taken the sannyas vow
will other people still give me dozens of Rolls Royces _if_ my heart is in
the right place?


- Allan Curry

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