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Thankyou for this beautifull Satsanga. Namaste. Raju
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I do not see much of disagreements in the discussion.  Everyone recognizes
that sanyaasa - withdrawal of the mind (not the body!) from the external
fields is important and that is what is emphasized in the Upanishad slokas
including -
        na karmana na prajayaa dhaneena tyaagenaike amR^itatwa maanasuH
- Although this sloka is particularly chanted while receiving a sanyaasin
with purnakumbham.

Only the insistence that the scriptures insist that external sanyaasa is
required for Moksha is not correct.  Because the goal is what it is,
scripture will not be correct pramana is it really says so - since it is
illogical.  The rest is all interpretation of the scriptures including
emphatic statements that it is impossible for a householder to have true
renunciation while recognizing that it is the internal renunciation that is
what prepares the mind.

Improbable is better word as long as it is not zero probability although
the norm is as much subjective as the other.  Janaka is not the only one.
Janaka is the case where while performing kingly duties has an
understanding who he is. He is an example of not only a householder but a
kingdom holder too!  Sage Vyaasa, sage Gargi of the Upanishads who taught
his wife Maitreyi ( remember he taught her before he left her), sage
Uddalaka who taught his son, swetaketu,  Atri who is believed to be the
father of Dattaatreya if I remember correctly, VashishhTa who taught Rama,
are all gR^ihastaas, householders!

I enjoyed reading Giri's description of the Marriage ritual.  In south they
do Kaashee yaatra with Bridegroom, brahmachaari, going towards Kashee, and
the would be father-in-law trying to convince the groom to come back and
marry his daughter and settle as a householder instead.  I donot know if
that practice is followed in the north.

I would say the whole discussion brought out some fine points, the
difficulties involved in the apparent path, and the need for atleast
internal renunciation for Moksha. Let us all work towards that.

I am reminded of the Kathopanishad sloka whipping us to get up:

        uttishTa, Jaagrata, praapyavaraan nibodhita,
        kshurasya dhaara duratyayaa, durgam pathanaath kavayo vadanti -
 am I missing a word or two in this?
        Arize, awake - receive the teaching from a best among the teachers,
the path is difficult like the edge of a knife says the wise.

Hari Om!

K. Sadananda
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