Isha Vs Taiitriya

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Mon Aug 25 09:48:33 CDT 1997

I've this habit of calling home every weekend and my mother as a rule
brings up the subject of marraige. So this time I mockingly ask her,
"Amma, aren't we Brahmins? Don't we follow the Upanishads? The Isha
Upanishad says those who desire progeny are doomed to a world of
darkness". After a pause,  my mother cuts loose with a Sanskrit verse
and says, "You don't know your Upanishads very well! Read the
Taittriyopanishad". So I look it up and sure enough there's the guru who
to a graduating student asks him to marry and perform his social duties!
So can the learned members of the list clarify as to why there's a
contradiction in the shruti?

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