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Nike slogan: "Just Do It."
Advaita slogan: "Just Be It."


"There are no answers
there are no questions."
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Sorry, I have had some problems with my mail.
Nagesvar wrote:
>                                                 Om
> Namaste!
> The goal is one - the truth is one.   Hope you all agree.
> What I dont understand is why the teachers want to be supreme over other two.
> Sri Shankara over Buddhism and Sri Madhvacharya over Advaita.
> Why cant these people have their own paths  and reach the goal without trying
> to put   down the other path is not right.   Is it not EGO that is making
> them do that, to establish supremacy?     If Ego is still persisting how can
> these be realized souls?
> Can any one respond?
> PS.   I am glad I worship Shakti and I accept good things from other
> teachings.

You wrote: "the truth is one". That is why there cannot be any
contradiction in it. I mean when we have two sentences which
contradict each other then one of them is true and the other one must
be false. To try to find out which is which means to seek for the
Truth. Elementary, isn't it? Were it not so, people would never swap
opinions, which we are trying to do now.
Paul Sajdek

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