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> "TvaM saakshaat aatmaa asi nityaM" - Ganaptyatharvashirshopanishad
> If I get some time, I will post the translation of this
> beautiful Vedic prayer to Ganesha. It never tells the popular stories
> about him, but says something else ! Is the translation already
> present somewhere ?
   I have seen a translation and commentary by Sukthankar. Another
   translation may be found in the `Saiva upanishads' published by
   Adyar Library, Madras. (Sorry, I dont remember the year). I am sure
   Giri knows the details. Perhaps, more accessible in the western
   world is the translation by John Grimes (sp?), which is part of his
   book on Ganesha. He also describes the eight centers of Ganesha worship,
   (ashhTa-vinaayaka's), sacred to the GaaNapatyas, and narrates the
   associated legends and symbolism of Ganesha.

   The atharva shiirsha gives, among other things, an iconographic
   description of Ganesha, the Biija (seed) mantra of Ganesha, and the
   Ganesha Gayatri. Mainly, it describes GaNapati as Brahman.

> - Joshi


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