fear of samadhi

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Wed Feb 12 10:07:10 CST 1997

At 11:07 AM 2/12/97 +0530, you wrote:
>Charles A Hillig wrote:
>     There's nothing that "you" can do to speed up your awakening....
>     Remember, though, that "you" are not "here."  Since only the Self is
>present, free will is completely illusory.  You cannot choose to walk either
>the path of the saint OR the path of the sinner. ...

>>If it was so, then all the instructions given to us by Gurus and
scriptures for speeding our awakening >>would be, though theoretically
interesting, practically a waste of time.
>>Creation gains its plasticity and realistic by giving its characters a
free will within their limits. And >>we are meant to use exactly this free
will to regain our true Self.

     But there is nothing to "regain" since the Self was never lost.

     About free will:   You need to initially determine if there really are
separate and distinct individuals present in the first place.  If there is
no objectively separate individual, then any further talk about this
illusory self having a "free will" or not would be a lot like discussing the
probably water temperature of a lake mirage that you see in the desert.
Just like there is no actual lake to be having a temperature, there's also
no separate self present to be having a "free will."

                                                   With Blessings,

                                                         Chuck Hillig

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