Yoga sutra bhashya vivarana

Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Thu Feb 13 13:07:17 CST 1997

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> >The sub-commentary to
> > vyAsa's commentary on the pata.njali sutra-s attributed to sha.nkara is
> > considered a genuine work, even by the ever-doubting Western scholars.
> Who exactly?  Hacker did but I don't think the consensus is in favor of

        Few names : Trevor Leggett, Natalia Isayeva, Nakamura, Mayeda and
the list goes on.

        I am sure you have not just heard the names of these famous
Indologists but atleast read a couple of books by *each of them* Why don't
you read the comprehensive research paper by Prof.  Nakamura on the
authencity of the work ? While at it, why don't you pick up the book by
Trevor Leggett on the whole issue ?

> the works authenticity.  Indians aren't free of doubt either.  The
> Yogasutrabhashya isn't in the Vani Vilas edition which was hardly
> motivated by western interests.

        Huh ? There is no yoga sutra bhashya by Shankara. Shankara only
wrote a vivarna on the bhashya of vasya. When was the vani vilas edition
first published ?  The yoga sutra bhashya-vivarna by Shankara was
discovered only recently (i.e around 30 years back).  BTW, have you read
the work completely ? After reading the work, if you *still* feel that it
contradicts with something shankara said in the brahma sutra bhashya, you
can read the paper by TS Rukmani in the dec 1993 issue of the journal of
indian philosophy. I think it is titled 'Shankara's view on yoga in the
brahma sutra bhashya in light of his authorship of the yoga sutra bhashya
vivarna.' In any case, the vivarna is a great work (imho).

        Maybe Rama can provide you with more references.


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