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Please could you tell me how I can "delete" my name from this list.

Thanx in advance.


At 11:20 AM 24-02-97 -0500, you wrote:
>Swami Vishvarupananda wrote:
>> >procedure and the philosophy behind it, if there is any interest in this
>> type
>> >of thing.
>> Yes, indeed, this would be very interesting, especially the philosophy
>> behind it.
>I'll try to write up some stuff on this. This pUjA is a nitya karma (daily
>ritual) for householders. However not many people do it these days. The rules
>for this are somewhat elaborate, though only at the first sight. It becomes
>kind of natural when one actually does it. When my father taught the rules
>their significance to me, he did so quoting the relevant authorities (mainly
>smR^iti texts and also some purANa-s). However I didn't bother to memorize
>these passages and only remember the rules themselves. So my article will not
>contain any of these quotations.
>There are only a few books available on this pUjA. The best I have seen is
>published by R.S.Vadhyar and sons, a famous publisher from Palghat. The book
>is called nityAnnikam and rules for this pUjA are also given in that book. I
>don't know if they are still in business. There is also a book published by
>the Sringeri Mutt. Another very good publication containing quite a few
>details not in these two books was published as a commemorative publication
>during the kumababishekam of some temple, by a learned pandit of the Kanchi
>shankara mutt. My article will be based on these 3 publications.
>> P.S.: I am using a different mail program this time. After what you
>> mentioned about unreadable characters attached to my mail, I asked many
>> others, whether they had similar problems with my mail, but except for one
>> nobody seemed to notice anything unusual. Perhaps it is an incompatibility
>> of our programs?
>There seems to be no problem now. Perhaps you were using Eudora or some such
>package and and sending attachments with it, which would have been
>incompatible with my UNIX system. I also read the digest version. Maybe that
>created the problem.


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