Agony of the soul (?) etc

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Mon Jan 6 13:02:08 CST 1997

Sri Gummuluru Murthy wrote:
>> I clearly remember and try to practice Shri Chinmayananda's explanation
>> (which might have followed Shri Ramana's teachings). Every argument is
>> correct at the level of understanding of the person who makes it.

you are right about that!

Sri Jaldhar H. Vyas responded:

>This is something I've always found fascinating about the so-called
>neo-vedantins (i.e. Vivekananda, Chinmayananda etc.)  Apparently in their
>philosophy one just stumbles through life waiting for some vague,
>undefined thing to magically happen.  This is supposedly the path to peace
>but I don't see how any kind of peace could result from something so

I see Sri Jaldhar H. Vyas's interpretation of what the two greate swamis
have said.  In my twelve years of vedantic study and anlysis, I have not
found any disagreement between what Bhagavan Sankara worte and what Swami
Chinmayaananda interpreted. Now I am baffled who is the neo-vedantin here!
and which is that unstble path that the two swamis philosophized!

Stability and unstability is the state of mind, I am that which supports
both. Both swamis taught us to renounce the mind that goes through stable
and unstable states and discover oneself as that substratum, that peace
that passeth understanding!

Hari Om!

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