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On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

> I am at peace with my thinking. I do not feel rattled if a person finds
> another approach preferrable. If the other person asks me with a genuine
> interest in learning, I can try to explain and myself learn something in
> the process. If the motive is not learning but something else, it is not
> for me to enter into a debate.

Again, I repeat the focus is not on the other person but on ones self.
Even if you don't feel the need to give an answer you should know the
answer.  How else can you be sure you are heading along the right path?
"It feels right" is not an adequate answer.  Many people practice the
"sadhana" of getting drunk or taking drugs which also produces feelings of
oneness and peace.  Until you wake up a few hours that is.  Permanent
mental stability can only be acheived by discipline of the mind.

> I feel my comment "Reading technical treatises on advaita or dvaita and
> parroting the views does not make any difference" is twisted to give the
> impression that I said reading treatises have no meaning. Far from it. It
> is only through the grace of great acaryas and their writings that we are
> learning something. I read advaita commentaries very regularly and have
> the utmost reverence towards them.
> My emphasis is that parroting the treatises does not make any difference,
> unless the mind is ready to accept what is in it. This is not like reading
> physics or chemistry and solving problems at the end of the chapter. The
> mind has to be ready to accept what is in the treatises.

On what basis is the study of Vedanta different from the study of
chemistry or physics?

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