If advaita stands, all other systems(including dvaita) fall

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Thu Jan 9 12:09:45 CST 1997

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, M Suresh wrote:

> In that case the realization  of Brahman by persons like Ramakrishna
> Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharishi, Mirabai etc., will have to be denied.

So what if it does?  That they are not knowers of Brahman doesn't imply
they were bad or irrelevant people.

Mirabai was a vaishnava and would be rather offended to learn she had
"realized Brahman" anyway.

> Also access to Brahma vidya will have to be restricted to persons of
> a geographical region.  Persons like Jesus christ will be out.

Again so what?  From the Vedic viewpoint it matters not a bit what Jesus
did or didn't do.

> Also Brahma  vidya would have been  unknown in the pre-vedic  era if
> the eternity of vedas is not admitted.

There is no pre-vedic era.  The Vedas are nitya and apaurusheya.

> Therefore IMHO  while the  study and knowledge  of shastras  is very
> important for realization of Brahman  because they echo the ultimate
> truth of Brahman  the best,  so are practical methods like devotion,
> meditation  and  contemplation.  The  study of  shastras  cannot  be
> considered indispensible  for all  persons because the  truth though
> beyond  the senses  and  the mind  is within  oneself  and what  one
> eternally  is.  Therefore  no  external  aid  should  be  considered
> indispensible.

Devotion, meditation etc. are all goal oriented.  You cannot achieve a
goal unless you _know_ what it is.  This is where the shastras come in.

> I was not talking about the equivalence of the whole of Buddhism and
> advaita.  I was only saying  that the highest teachings  of buddhism
> and advaita, namely emptiness and Brahman are equivalent.

Even there the onus is on you to prove a one to one equivalence between
the two and as they are opposites, you cannot do this.

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