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On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Swami Vishvarupananda wrote:

> :-) No, as with the pain in the arm, you can try on yourself, what it is.

Except you haven't defined what 'it' is.  Pain is universal, every human
being (possibly every animal and plant) has experienced it.  So far we
haven't determined if meditation even exists.  If we come across a
person, how can we tell if he is meditating or if maybe he is drunk?

> > Actually I don't believe Brahman is ungraspable.  Assuming I experienced
> > something, how I know it was Brahman and not some delusion unless I knew
> > in advance what Brahman is supposed to be?
> Oh, yes, that's fine with me. Just I can promise you, that when your
> present limited
> identity will vanish into Brahman will be no way mistaking it, simply
> because the one who could mistake it will have vanished. Promise.

Again, the question arises how do I know your promise is worth anything?

> And I also wish to assure you, that you don't have to take it from me, and
> that you don't have to fight for your convictions with so desperate a
> strangle hold. No one is
> trying to snatch them from you. :-) We are just amicably sharing our own
> believes and convictions, which is what this group is for, after all.
> (No hard feelings.)

There have been no hard feelings from this side.  There also hasn't been
much in the way of tenacity or desperation as very little effort needs to
be made to refute patent illogic.

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