If advaita stands, all other systems(including dvaita) fall

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>Dr. Chopra says in that show: "... Human ability
>is to think. Much greater ability is not to think..... ".

IMHO,   What will happen if one stops breathing? The same will happen if one
thinking.  Like one can not stop breathing, one can not stop thinking.

Can some one ever dare to say "LO! I stopped thinking".  The very uttrance
of the word itself
is a proof that *he* is thinking.

*Thinker* is always beyond the thought.  Thinker entertains the thought.
Thought arises when
the *thinker*  observes/perceives the world through the sense organs.
Thinking is not an
ability, (I mean ability means skill which someone can acquire through
practice) it is a natural

kAryakAraNa kartRUtvE hEtuH prakRUtirucyatE |
purushaH sukhaduHkhAnAM bhOktrutvE hEturucyatE ||  B.G. 13-20

Prakriti is said to be responsible for bringing forth the evolutes and the
while the individual soul is declared to be the cause of experience of joys
and sorrows.

IMO, Thought is the prakriti and Thinker is the Purusha.  (Correct if I am
wrong in my *thinking*)
I wonder, Is some one *human* ever moved on this earth who declared that "I
do not think"!!!
I better stop here in order to think more.....

>This leads to a question which I put sometime ago. Are mentally
>underdeveloped persons farther away from knowing who they are than the
>so-called "mentally well-adjusted" persons ?

IMO, it is the intellect that controls and tells us what is good and what is
bad.   "Paramatma"
is beyond intellect.   Besides, we have this "avadhootas" who behaves like
underdeveloped persons.  I heard that in Japan people believe that those who
are mentally
underveloped are very near to the lord!

There fore, so-called "mentally well-adjusted" persons may be very far from
reaching the
"paramatma" than the people whom we think as mentally underveloped.

I heard many stories of avadhootas who were posthumously regnised as saintly
persons. No one recognised them as "jnanis" while they were alive.

How could one posibly dichotomize real jnanis and insane people!

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