Agony of the soul (?) etc

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Thu Jan 16 10:36:57 CST 1997

Dear Gummuluruji,
You wrote:

> Very well expressed.  It is, in my view, statements like these, which
> makes this Group very worthwhile.

Thank you.

>We simply analyse and analyse without having the
> courage to experience it.
> >From your experience and knowledge, what is the extra step required to
> make that leap forward ? Is it in our hands at all to take that extra
> step ?

I would say, making a practical effort is as much in our hands as making an
intellectual effort.
The main problem with our state is a mistaken identity, which constitutes
is the basis of our individual ego. It is on this ego that all our
misconceived tendencies of kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsara, etc.
are wedged. In the absence of ego all these desires would merge in the one
single longing to regain the original fullness of one's true being. The ego
is what keeps us tied up in maya. Therefore I would say, the most important
step to be taken is overcoming the ego. Of course that is not as easy as
reading a book, it demands constant effort and wakefulness.

Again, if our misconception of duality was merely intellectual, an
intellectual understanding of the scriptures was obviously all that was
needed. But whereas we all try to be guided by our brains and reason, the
strength of feelings, many of which are so vague as to remain largely
unconscious, is undeniable even in the most intellectual person. Therefore
it is important to make one's entire being -- not just the intellect --
realize that our longing is merely disguised in the tendencies of kama,
krodha, etc. etc. and really strives just for the rediscovery of the
perfection, the greatness, the fulfillment and bliss of our true identity,
Now, as is obvious from experience, feelings cannot just be changed by
rationalization alone. We have to find a way that turns this key which is
inaccessible to the intellect. And that is the purpose of meditation
techniques, the purpose of bhakti, the purpose of rituals and sadhanas,
though some of them may seem to contradict the paramartha of Advaita in the

Greetings and Om,
Swami Vishvarupananda

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