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On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Charles A. Hillig wrote:

>       Until we move beyond a spiritual hierarchy that seeks to stratify
> people, how can we ever experience the loving equanimity demonstrated so
> beautifully in how Maharshi lived out his life and related so
> compassionately to those around him?

People are at different spiritual, and intellectual levels.  I don't see
why this should prevent you from compassion or equanimity any more than
different physical levels (different height, weight etc.) do.  The duty of
a teacher is to important knowledge and in doing so he may have to rebuke
a student for his errors Vishwarupananda seems to be under the impression
that this is a sign of ahamkara in the teacher.  Thinking back to your
days at school you probably can remember times when the teacher scolded
you and at the time you probably thought he was cruel and picking on you.
But now you're grown up you realize how childish that view was and the
teacher was only acting for your own good.  So it is with the wise.  When
they call a fool a fool it is a description of fact with no ahamkara
involved.  The intent is for the fool to stop being one.  And there's the
problem.  We can criticize the teacher for his alleged pride but when do
we ever think of the students pride?  Too many times we see thoughtless
people making wild speculations without any basis or setting aside the
teachings of their superiors simply because it doesn't suit them.  I can
understand why.  Sometimes the truth isn't too palatable.  But Vedanta is
supposed to transcend sukha as well as dukha.  People who just want to
feel good have no business being Vedantins.

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