Is experience of Maya necessary ?

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My understanding:

The answer to the question lies in the question itself.  Experience itself
involve the tripura - the experiencer, experienced and experiencing - the
tripura itself is mayaa kalpita -  The one who is seeking for realization
is the one who is already caught up in the tripura, otherwise the question
does not arise!

There is the famous question - who realizes?  Brahman does not need any
realization.  As long as jeeva notion is there ,there is no realization!
Realization is the only the dropping of the notion (since it is only
notional it can be dropped!) that I am a jeeva and I need to realize
Brahman- that mumukshutvam -that seeking for realization - as long it is
there ,there is no realization and without that there is no realization
either and that is true. This dichotomy arises because of realization is
assumed to be a process.

In a recent article Anand Hudli says: "Truth is not  a pathless land
according to Vedaanta. What the Vedas and Vedaanta show is an effective and
practical way of reaching the goal"  I have to disagree with the
implication of the statement although I have a feeling Anand is fully aware
of its implications. From the point of the truth it is pathless, from the
point of jeeva (automatically implies the one who is caught up in the
tripura) the path appears to be there but even that there is the path is
also notional.  Shankara says:

"Chitttasya suddaye karma na tu vastuupalabdaye" -  there is the path for
purification of the mind and in contrast to J.Krishnamurthy's opinions I
agree with the second statement of Anand. but realization is not path just
as learning is not a path either.  One can not will it.  One can prepare
the mind for it.  But the knowledge has to reveals itself. - In fact this
is true for all knowledge(s) .  Preparation of the mind to receive the
knowledge is path dependent since impurities were accumulated by following
a path. But I donot agree with first part of the statement of Anand.  It is
a question of reference.  But from the nature of the truth, there cannot be
a path.

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