Is experience of Maya necessary ?

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> When Brahman is realized, Vedaanta is
> irrelevant, because even Shruti ultimately is within maayaa. But it is
> a key with which we can unlock the door to Brahman. Once we open the door
> we discard the lock and key.

Agreed.  When the door is opened there is neither the door nor lock nor the
key even to discard.  There is an intersting sloka in VivekachuuDaamani:

aviJNaate pare tatve shaastraadhiitistu nishpalaa|
viJNaate pare tatve shaastraadhiitistu nishpalaa|| - sloka no. 59

In the state of ignorence the shaastraas are useless!
In the state of knowledge the shaastras are useless!

Based on the previous slokas in which Sankara difines the shradda as the
-- shaastrasya guruvaakyasya satyabuddhyavadhaaraNam,  saa shraddhaa, --the
implication of the first part of the sloka is that it is useless to study
the shaastraas unless one puts efforts for realization with shradda (Path
Once realized the shaastraas are obviously of no use since they are
themselves in maaya. In fact "use" is the word valid for an object and not
for subject. Subject is eternally useless! Who is there to use?

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