Still Confusion regarding Shankara’s co

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On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, egodust wrote:

> Unless you're unaware of the term cidakasa, what I meant should be obvious.

I am unaware of the relevance of the term here and the translation "place
of consciousness in the heart" seems a little dubious.  Perhaps you can
give a source?

> Pose these same questions/comments to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and see
> what He might say.  Most would reply that they couldn't possibly do so
> because He's dead.

Whereas I'd say I couldn't possibly do that because Ramakrishna didn't
know very much about Vedanta.

> Please consider the possibility that the result we're all [unconsciously,
> humans] trying to achieve is the primal shift into the essence
> of our Consciousness (Spirit), and any conceivable method or means that can
> take us there is worthy and valid, *to that end*!
> What I'm saying is, the
> means itself isn't the issue *at all*.  So that, if someone has the idea that
> their patented method is the ONLY method...well, what can one tell them?

The ends justify the means.  Hmmm... where have we heard that before?

Well even if that was true, Dennis asked a specific question about
Shankaracharyas views and this doesn't answer it.

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