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On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Cameron Reilly wrote:

> I disagree. In advaita, the pot neither IS devoid of objective reality, nor
> is it NOT devoid of objective reality. Both are merely matters of
> perspective.

May I point out the  word objective means not depending on a matter of

But I don't think you're actually disagreeing with me.  Read on.

> Seen from the perspective of the Absolute, the pot does not
> exist as an object. It is one with Brahman. Seen from the perspective of
> the subjective split-mind, the pot certainly does exist, as does the head
> which you hit it against. Both perspectives are absolutely correct, if
> understood as flip sides to the coin of the Infinite.

This is what I said in my reply to Dennis.  These are the two kinds of
consciousness.  And in at least one of them, the pot is real.

The question is does the higher form of consciousness replace the other or
are the two simultaneous?  My understanding (admittedly not complete here)
is that the latter is true.  After moksha maya doesn't stop, it just
ceases to be an obstacle.

> Again I disagree. Bhakti can certainly result in moksha. True Bhakti
> results in the assimilation of the ego into the absolute. "Thy will Lord,
> not mine."
> And ego-less functioning is exactly the result of jnana, just come at from
> a different path.
> Ego-less functioning will in itself result in the dissolution of the
> individual into the Absolute.

Nope sorry.  bhakti will do no such thing.  Because as far as Advaita is
concerned the Lord (Ishwar) is only the saguna or lower aspect of Brahman.
And attachment to God though much better than attachment to  booze or
money is still attachment to maya and thus an obstacle to moksha.

> Direct Lineage of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I heard this person was a tobacconist.  Is that true?

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