Bhakti and advaita

Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Sun Jan 26 12:53:06 CST 1997

Due to a mailing error, the following portion was left unattached to my
previous e-mail to the list. Sorry.
While it is agreed that attachment to maya in any form is an obstacle to
moksha (as defined by advaita), as pointed out to Jaldhar, I say that
mukti (freedom from rebirths) is attainable thro' bhakti. After the
attainment of krama-mukti, moksa follows eventually. Thus, bhakti is
infinitely useful in attaining mukti. If one is attached to the senses,
no kind of mukti is possible. Hence, attachment to Saguna Brahman and
atatchment to senses cannot be compared since one leads to mukti, and the
other does not.
        Though it may be irrelevant to the few members of this list who
don't consider Ramana Maharshi as an advaita vedantin (despite a head of
the shankara math acknowledging him as such), I wish to point out that
Ramana Maharshi also mentions that *complete unconditional surrender to
Ishvara* is a valid path and such Bhakti is not diffferent from jnana.
So, if Cameron and Egodust err, they are in good company.


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