Bhakti and advaita

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On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Giri wrote:

> While it is agreed that attachment to maya in any form is an obstacle to
> moksha (as defined by advaita), as pointed out to Jaldhar, I say that
> mukti (freedom from rebirths) is attainable thro' bhakti.

Then we agree.

> After the  attainment of krama-mukti, moksa follows eventually.

Providing jnana is achieved.  And while this is more likely in Brahmaloka
and their is much less chance of falling from such an exalted position it
is by no means a foregone conclusion that moksha will be achieved.

> Thus, bhakti is
> infinitely useful in attaining mukti.

Yes.  but it cannot be considered a cause of moksha except in an indirect

> If one is attached to the senses,
> no kind of mukti is possible. Hence, attachment to Saguna Brahman and
> atatchment to senses cannot be compared since one leads to mukti, and the
> other does not.

It is not just attachment to the senses but attachment to any kind of maya
which prevents mukti.  And Ishwar in the final analysis is on the level of

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