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>On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Cameron Reilly wrote:
>> 'who' is the witness of Observer A, Observer B and the pot?
>The question is irrelevant.  We are talking about what is purported to be
>the dream of the observer and we know exactly who the dreamer is.  This is
>the point the previous poster was missing.  A dream is the product of pure
>ego.  Ones dreams are ones own and cannot be shared.  The world on the
>other hand is shared amongst all observers and doesn't depend on any of

You miss my point. My question was designed to help you understand that
Observer A, Observer B and the pot are all mental constructs. It is
incorrect to assume that your observation of the world is the same as
anybody elses.

Take for example, myself. You have one conception of who 'Cameron' is. I
have another. My spouse has another. My mother, another. Which is the real
concept? Who can say their concept (description) is the real 'Cameron'?

And for that matter, IS there a real 'Cameron'? Am I anything more than
someone's description? And all descriptions are mental constructs. Your
mind takes the data received by your senses, observes a pattern in that
data and gives that pattern a name. But that is all it can ever be - a
description. And the description is NEVER the reality.

The question "who is the observer" is the starting point of all self
enquiry and I would recommend starting here and finding out what answers
you come up with. You may find it helps.


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