Time Bound

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Tue Jul 1 17:59:03 CDT 1997

At 08:34 PM 7/1/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Interesting questions, Chuck.
>I'm sure you will agree that the paradox is entirely in the mind, and the
>more we try to resolve it with words, the greater the paradox will seem.
>The resolution of the paradox lies in direct seeing of the situation as it
>exists in the here and now.  In the here and now, the "me" as an individual
>entity is seen to be nonexistent.    This is not speculation; anyone can see
>it at any moment.

     But Mark, if the "me" as an individual entity is non-existent, then
the "you" who is seeing this "non-existent me" ALSO has to be non-existent, too.

> It is this "me," being continually dissatisfied, which
>engages in conflict with the world (and itself).

     The world and that "me" to which you refer are the same.  There is only
the Self.

> In the absence of the "me" there is only perfection underlying the
apparent >violence and imperfection of the world.


     I  wonder, though, just how can the "me" ever be truly "absent" when
that "me" was never really there at all in the first place?    If we
acknowledge perfection, aren't we also equally implying the existence of its

     Maybe we can only really speak of an "is-ness" which transcends all
duality.  (But, then again, "who's" really "there" to do the speaking?)

                                 With Blessings,

                                         Chuck Hillig

P.S.  Thanks for the good dialogue, Mark.  I'll be off-line until the 8th.

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