Testing the realization of "gurus"

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at CCO.CALTECH.EDU
Wed Jul 2 23:52:07 CDT 1997

Yes, it is okay to "test" anybody who is in the position of a guru,
provided it is done with respect and honesty. It is my contention that
nobody accepts another as a guru, unless that person satisfies some kind
of test. People may not consciously acknowledge it, for fear of appearing
insulting, but they do it all the time. Again, the kind of test and the
criteria for "passing the test" vary from person to person. The guru, in
his turn, tests you, but this side of the equation is well-known and
accepted, I suppose. Once somebody has been accepted as a guru, implicit
trust is necessary.

Questions about the sleep state can be tricky to answer. More than the
sleep state, it is important to see if the kind of awareness you are
looking for is seen even in the waking state. And personal contact is
essential for this. Beyond a point, I tend to distrust email and phone


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