Time Bound

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Thu Jul 3 03:50:52 CDT 1997

Hi Raju!

Well you are right. I don't know who Krishna is.

It's hard to know much about what is really happening now let alone what
really happened thousands of years ago.

I was responding to Jonathan's comment that Krishna wasn't trying to talk
Arjuna into a retreat. The story goes that Krishna told Arjuna to kill his
relatives even though he didn't want to. It seems to me to be a violent story.

What I meant was that no matter how great a person is, or is reputed to be,
they still have to convince me of what they have to say. I won't accept
things on the basis of authority. And I won't accept partial arguments. eg.
those based on intellect exclusively.

I'm sorry if I offended,


At 01:01 AM 3/07/97 -0400, you wrote:
>How dare you to say you don't care what krishna supposedly said or did. Truth
>would be perhaps that you don,t know who krishna is than how would you care
>what he said or did ? Although you are trying to say what krishna said but
>very partially. I think. For give me for daring to respond you, with very
>little I know.

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