Testing the realization of "gurus"

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Thu Jul 3 13:34:42 CDT 1997

Dear All,

Vidyasankar writes:

>Questions about the sleep state can be tricky to answer. More than the
>sleep state, it is important to see if the kind of awareness you are
>looking for is seen even in the waking state. And personal contact is
>essential for this. Beyond a point, I tend to distrust email and phone

It is difficult for me to know what kind of awareness others have.
Sometimes it seems to me that the people passing on the sidewalk are
experiencing the simultaneous and identical awareness of the oneness of
consciousness/being that I am. Is this my projection or is it true?
I'm in no position to judge conclusively about the nature of anyone else's
awarenesss because I can't see outside of my own.

Be that as it may, it will certainly be even harder to do by email! :-)

I would very much like to have a point clarified from the point of view
of Sruti, authority, etc...  Are all realized beings ipso facto continuously
and non-dualistically aware during every moment of every day and night?  If
the answer is "yes" then does that automatically imply that anyone who is
not continuously aware during every moment of every day and night is NOT a
realized being by defintion?


Allan Curry

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