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> Date:    Wed, 2 Jul 1997 21:12:48 -0400
> From:    Chelluri Nageswar Rao <Chelluri at AOL.COM>
> Subject: Re: Time Bound
> Do you know Maharishi Valmiki who wrote Ramayan and how it all began.  One
> day Valmiki goes to river for a bath.  There he saw two birds mating.  One
> bird was suddenly hit by arrow.  The Maharishi could not stand the violence
> and he gives a curse to the man who shot the arrow.   It is just a bird that
> made maharishi angry.
> Think of humans suppose to be highly evolved, killing each other.  Sometimes
> this question pops up in my mind.   There were several mahatmas at the time
> of world war II.   When maharishi valmiki  moved by the death of a bird how
> come these mahatmas in forties did not do anything when Hitler exterminating
> jews, hindus and moslems kill each in kashmir and christiansa kill each other
> in Ireland.
> hey have the power to stop it.

   Nageswar rao,

  My answer is The diffrence in time , meaning Valmiki stuff happened in
  Treta yuga and as per Yuga dharma Jnana:Ajnana = 90 :10 %. This means
  Satya (Truth ) had lot of power. Where as in Kaliyuga as per yuga Dharma
  People suffer from Ajnana and it is well below or approximately
  10:90 %. If we take birth again after 500 yrs (Hope Not !!), the situation
  will be still worst.  From my conclusion Hitler was None other than a
  Asura and Kali The demon was dominating in side him.

  As Sri krishna Says in BG

  "Yada Yada hi dharmasya Jnanirbhavi bharatha..... "

  So once it the Impurity exceed the level , Sri krishna has to send some
  one to take care ( Sri krishna will not incarnate in this yuga ) of this
  world order.

  The terrorist today are none other than ASURAS ( tamasik Souls)
   I can confidently declare.
  hope I have tried my best to answer your question.


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