The Pitfalls of Intellectual Debates on Vedanta (fwd)

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Fri Jul 4 02:42:09 CDT 1997

At 03:26 PM 2/07/97 -0500, Ram Chandran wrote:

>Subject: The Pitfalls of Intellectual Debates on Vedanta

>Intellectual debates on
>issues that are beyond human intelligence will not enrich spiritual life
>and should be avoided as for as possible.

Which issues are beyond human intelligence? How would you decide that?

>I was not comfortable in
>participating intellectual debates to establish my Ego and hence I
>decided to quit the group.

Have you established your ego with your letter?

>        When the subject matter of discussion focuses on relative merits or
>demerits of different Vedantic philosophies then such discussions are
>likely to develop an Intellectual Crisis. Intellectual Crisis always
>brings chaos and utter confusion.

What evidence do you have for that? Doesn't good come out of intellectual
crisis at least sometimes?

>Instead of focusing on the
>philosophical issues, such debates centered on the abilities of the

Very true. But if you've got it why not use it? It all depends on the motive
of the person. If the motive is noble then the results should be good.

>One of the themes of Advaita is to curtail Ego and debates
>kindle Ego!

Or it can help a person end ego.

>At some threshold point it is necessary for the intellect
>to bow down to faith and intuition.

Definitely! Agreed.

>It is intellectually arrogant for
>anyone to believe that through arguments,  we can  come to a conclusive
>position and there will be no disagreement whatsoever.  None of us can
>ever claim that we have completely understood our scriptures and the
>philosophical and religious dogmas that have been postulated in the
>past.  If anyone dares to make such claims, no one will ever believe!

Did these past dogmas come from human beings?

Ram, if you want to comment then you have to be brave and enter the email
group. I agree that this can get a bit heady and valueless sometimes but
that's how we learn. I'm sure you have a lot to contribute.

Caio for now,

Martin Gifford.

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