Sleep Awareness (...yawn! :-)

Gummuluru Murthy gmurthy at MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA
Fri Jul 4 07:32:12 CDT 1997

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Allan Curry wrote:

> Tell me about the experience of actually *being* the witness of the
> deep-sleep state. Is that "nothing"? It is the experience of *being*
> Brahman isn't it?

My understanding is the following:

We are not experiencing being Brahman in the deep sleep state. In the
deep sleep state, our sense organs (which are always externally directed)
are simply folded and do not experience the world. That does not mean
they are experiencing Brahman. The sense organs CANNOT experience
Brahman. Brahman cannot be experienced. You are Brahman is the true state.
The rest are all experiences.

> To the best of my knowledge, non-Realized beings
> do not have the slightest clue what it's like to be Brahman, in any
> state, that's what makes them non-Realized beings. When they do know
> what it's like to be Brahman they never don't know what it's like,
> whether the body is asleep or dead or whatever. Please correct me
> if I'm wrong.

So true. However, what is the difference between a non-realized person
and a Realized person still embodied ? The body of the realized person
still has to go through the bodily functions. This includes the daily
ablutions, nightly sleep and other activities. The difference is, the
realized person does not see these activities as part of Him, but are
simply what the body has to go through. The realized person separates
the body and its functions and the mind from the SELF which He/She is.
We, the non-realized persons identify with the bodily functions as ours
and go through sensual pleasures and suffering and identify them as ours.

You seem to be viewing an embodied realized person as one walking with a
hollow (spelling ?) around. I do not think that is appropriate (from my
understanding). Take Shri Ramana Maharshi as an example. The body went
through the various functions as other humans including surgery etc. The
only difference is He did not regard it as He going through either surgery
or other activities. Beyond that outlook, rest is the same.

> Sincerely,
> Allan Curry

Gummuluru Murthy
Yadaa sarve pramucyante kaamaa ye'sya hr^di shritaah
atha martyo'mr^to bhavatyatra brahma samashnute   Katha Upanishhad II.3.14

When all the desires that dwell in the heart fall away, then the mortal
becomes immortal, and attains Brahman even here.

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