The Karmas and our destiny

Venkat Puntambekar venkatp at SYNOPSYS.COM
Tue Jul 8 19:02:56 CDT 1997

Namaste to all:

I read in a book that prarabhda karma is
like a arrow which already left the bow and is in flight. Our lives are just
 like this
arrow in flight. The arrow will follow the path it has to follow and will hit
 the target,
not necessarily the one one you want. Then how can we say we are the creators of
destiny. Granted the fact that this life is a result of our previous karmas, but
 I do
not know when the first karma was created( I am not sure if anyone should care).

It is also said that one should not and cannot interfere with destiny ( I was
told even gods resist). SO how does one answer oneself that karmas can be burnt,
eventually even the prarabhda karmas will run thier course.

I feel it is important to have this cleared out..


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