Unreal actions and actors

Fri Jul 11 14:43:44 CDT 1997

  Srinivas Sista wrote:

>Which reminds me of a discussion I had a few years ago with a friend.
>He told me likewise that a ferocious tiger woke him up from a dream.
>In my experience, I had terrifying dreams but did not wake up always.
>The dream sometimes transforms into another kind of dream. So my
>question is as follows: is the waking up due to the content of the
>dream or something else? (this is not a frivolous question)

  I agree with Ramakrishnan's apt response to this question. There is
   no denying of the fact that not everybody has the same capability
  to wake up. A person may  study scriptures under a qualified
  Guru and yet may not have Self-realization. Another person may
  study the same scriptures under the same Guru and may be successful.
  Yet another person may only casually hear the teachings of the Guru
   and may have Self-realization instantly!

  I would add that a person who can truly comprehend the Self is extremely
  rare. You just don't meet such a person round the corner.
  Also, the Self is hard to comprehend as It is, as Shankara remarks in his
  Giitaa bhaashhya (2.29):

   shrutvaa dR^ishhTvaa uktvaa .api enaM aatmaanaM veda na chaiva kashchit.h

   Even after hearing about It, seeing It, and talking about It, none
   comprehends this Self at all.

  The KaTha upanishhad makes similar statements. But all this should not
  discourage us from even trying. Even a little practice of Self-enquiry,
  karma yoga, or bhakti yoga will go a long way.

  svalpamapyasya dharmasya traayate mahato bhayaat.h (Giitaa 2.40)

  Even a little of this dharma protects (you) from great fear.

>Srinivas Sista.


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