The Karmas and our destiny

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Fri Jul 11 14:49:55 CDT 1997

Gummuluru Murthy writes:

>Now let us take the other extreme: a person who fully accepts destiny,
>i.e. a person in *full harmony* with destiny. Such a person has no inkling
>of free will. Such a person is in eternal happiness. He/she has accepted
>there is no free-will, ego has melted, perfect harmony with destiny,
>perfect eternal happiness because there is no "action" the individual can
>perform to change the destiny. There is no interest or inclination to
>change destiny. Such a person, if ever there is one, is a jnani and I
>prostrate before him/her.

I have no idea what the "Vairagyasataka" is (perhaps "100 Stanzas on
Renunciation?) but anyway, it says, "That which is *not* to be, shall never
*be*; that which is to *be* shall never *not* be; -- why dost thou not
drain this draught which will eradicate the poison of anxiety from

The wording "that which is to *be* shall never *not* be" in particular
reminds me of Jonathan Bricklin's very interesting comment which I quote:

>I would not say all actions are predestined, I would say all actions exist
>all and only at once.

- Allan Curry

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