Unreal actions and actors

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Fri Jul 11 10:37:59 CDT 1997

>> Even Bill Gates can't get that kind of happiness here!
>Little problem here... if the "we" who wants happiness unlimited by space,
>time, etc. is a "we" who *is* limited by space, time, etc. then such
>unlimited happiness could easily be drop-dead fatal when it arrives. When
>unlimited happiness exists then "we" might not and vice versa. Do we
>*really* want unlimited happiness if it means losing our life (as we have
>known it)?  This is a serious question we should ask ourselves before we
>ask for moksha too loudly. We should ask it and answer "YES!"  (IMO)

      Ah, yes!    And therein lies the rub!   How can you survive as a
separate entity (and also see "others" as separate, too)  AND be
"enlightened" (whatever THAT means) at the same time?

      Isn't it a contradiction for a separate "you" to "be there" as the
so-called "experiencer" of such a non-differentiated state?

>There are some good Christian allusions to this kind of death and the
>desirability of seeking it as opposed to trying (in vain!) to maintain our
>illusory life, but sadly, most "born-again" people seem to have skipped over
>the dying part!   :-)

     We pretend that we're not pretending to pretend.....by pretending!

>>  By all means, worship Shiva. He will lead you to a Guru.
>I confess to having a completely irrational attraction to Shiva. When an
>illusion wants itself to be dispelled more than it wants to *seem* to be,
>then Shiva (the Destroyer) seems exactly right for the job...

      I certain agree with Allan.  Shiva (and whatever he/she/it
personifies), has been  an important part of my life, too.

>>>Brahman (the Real) does not act, (not once, not ever) and all actions and
>>> all actors are unreal. Is this really the position of Advaita Vedanta
>>  You are right.
>aaahh... this is really delicious and unreal, unreal, unreal !!!

     Yes, yes, yes!

     Nothing HAS  happened,
                        IS  happening,
                               or ever WILL  happen!

                                           With Blessings,

                                                 Chuck Hillig

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