post-Sankara teachers in advaita - prakAshAnanda

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rbalasub at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Mon Jul 14 12:14:16 CDT 1997

Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

>Well its nice to see you admit the advaita tradition did distance >itself
>from some of the implications of Gaudapadacharyas views. I recall you >got
 rather upset when I made this rather inocous observation before.  I >think a
 case can be made this move away started in the >Brahmasutrabhashya but we've
 had that argument before too.

Sometimes I wonder if you read anything at all before posting. Go back
and read the archives. What I said was that shrI gauDapAda's way has
been consistently supported by all major advaitins in their works
(sha.nkara, Anandagiri, vidyAraNya et al), but they have also
accomodated for other people (mandAdhikAri-s in shrI Subbaramiya's
words) by espousing SDV also in some works. In fact that was the very
point of the disussion that time. I also gave quotations from H.H
abhinava vidyAtIrtha mahAsvAmigaL and also works of _all_ the major
advaitins where they supported DSV. So there is no question of the
advaitic tradition distancing itself from the DSV, unless by the
advaitic tradition you mean yourself and possibly your grandfather as
you claimed in one of your posts, but then we've had that argument
before too :-). Enough said.


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