Unreal actions and actors

Mon Jul 14 16:39:06 CDT 1997

  Allan Curry wrote:

>Little problem here... if the "we" who wants happiness unlimited by space,
>time, etc. is a "we" who *is* limited by space, time, etc. then such
>unlimited happiness could easily be drop-dead fatal when it arrives. When
>unlimited happiness exists then "we" might not and vice versa. Do we *really*
>want unlimited happiness if it means losing our life (as we have known it)?
>This is a serious question we should ask ourselves before we ask for moksha
>too loudly. We should ask it and answer "YES!"  (IMO)
>There are some good Christian allusions to this kind of death and the
>desirability of seeking it as opposed to trying (in vain!) to maintain our
>illusory life, but sadly, most "born-again" people seem to have skipped over
>the dying part!   :-)

 When the "we" that is limited by space and time dies, the real "we" free
 from all limitations will remain. This real "we" cannot die and is
 immortal. So we (the limited one) should not be afraid that there will
 be nothing left. Unlimited happiness *is* the unlimited "we", as the
 shruti affirms. No problem in asking loudly for mokshha. We have nothing
 to lose!

>>  By all means, worship Shiva. He will lead you to a Guru.

>I confess to having a completely irrational attraction to Shiva. When an
>illusion wants itself to be dispelled more than it wants to *seem* to be,
>then Shiva (the Destroyer) seems exactly right for the job...

 I agree.


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