Maya = Shakti ?

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Mon Jul 14 17:44:04 CDT 1997

Dear Anand,

> When the "we" that is limited by space and time dies, the real "we" free
> from all limitations will remain. This real "we" cannot die and is
> immortal. So we (the limited one) should not be afraid that there will
> be nothing left. Unlimited happiness *is* the unlimited "we", as the
> shruti affirms. No problem in asking loudly for mokshha. We have nothing
> to lose!

Very nice... worth repeating (at any volume!)  :-)

-Allan Curry


At the risk of merely parroting the wisdom of others, I thought you might
enjoy this quote from the Tripura Rahasya:

" Even the parrots and sarika birds, while sitting in their cages, spoke in
the following manner: ' Pure consciousness devoid of objects is one's own
real self, the Atman. Contemplate on that. External objects are not
different from consciousness. Consciousness alone is the object of its own
awareness. I am that consciousness. It alone is the entire universe. All
this is experienced through consciousness by the illumination of the self.
O people of the world, cast off your confusion by focusing your minds only
on consciousness. Worship and meditate on Her. Consciousness is the
illuminator as well as the source and support of all.' "

Is the Tripura Rahasya a Tantric text?  Which reminds me, are Maya and
Shakti two words for the same thing?

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