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Jonathan Bricklin brickmar at EARTHCOM.NET
Fri Jul 18 11:57:42 CDT 1997

Gregory Goode writes:

>Andrew Cohen accused Papaji (and others) of behaving badly, and confronted
>them.  They are reported by Cohen (in his books) to say that these
>of behavior aren't willed, they are merely "vasanas burning themselves
>I agree with I think the spirit of what (I think) Ramakrishnan wrote, that
>this kind of talk ("burning themselves out") sounds like an excuse, a cop
>by someone who knows better!

But at least it is consistent with Papaji's (and Baleksekar's for that
matter) belief in the non-reality of free will.  It would be nice if every
enlightened being was as saintly as Anandamaya Ma, but it wouldn't be what
Andrew Cohen's mission to clean up the Gurus is not evidence of his

Jonathan Bricklin

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