Whatever lila wants lila gets

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rbalasub at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Fri Jul 18 12:40:59 CDT 1997

Jonathan Bricklin wrote:

>But at least it is consistent with Papaji's (and Baleksekar's for that
>matter) belief in the non-reality of free will.  It would be nice if

Similarly note the consistency between:

1. the heaven's gate cult's belief and the members castrating and
killing themselves.
2. Idi Amin's voice telling that it was OK to eat human beings and
people finding heads in his fridge.
3. Hitler believing that Jews were the cause of all evil and sending
millions of them to the gas chamber
et etc etc.

So why don't you join the heaven's gate cult or join a Neo-Nazi group?
Seriously wondering.

Consistency between belief and action is hardly the sole hallmark to
judge anyone. Imagine this defence being used in court. "My Lord, I
truly believed I had to rob this store". "Hey there is consistency, you
are acquitted". Duh!


PS: Handwaving nonsense like "everything happens spontaneously in
consciousness" and the usual drivel spouted by some so called gurus is
probably a surefire way of avoiding frauds. Some may be well
intentioned, but most probably frauds nevertheless.

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