Explanation of jeevanmukta

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Tue Jul 22 16:40:52 CDT 1997


"There are no grades in mukti, nor varieties thereof." -Gummuluru Murthy

"The jnanis are in three categories on the basis of their maturity and
stability."                                       - Tripura Rahasya

"Jnana once revealed takes time to steady itself. [...]  Owing to the
fluctuations of the vasanas, jnana takes time to steady itself.  [...]
To remain unshaken in it further efforts are necessary."
                                                 - Ramana Maharshi

There is only one silence everywhere the same and there are no grades or
varieties of silence. **Unfortunately**, the "committee of assholes"
(ie. thoughts/mind) do not necessarily shut up forever the very first time
silence is revealed. On the contrary, "blah, blah, blah..."   :-)

best wishes to all,

 - Allan Curry  (Committee chairman!)

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