advaitam and Kashmir shaivam

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram aum at UNIX.TAMU.EDU
Wed Jul 23 12:14:34 CDT 1997


What are the differences and similarities between Kashmir shaivam (written
as Shaivism, for  some reason I am more comfortable calling it as shaivam,
adviatam, vaishnavam, etc. instead of isms). One of the noted saint of
Kashmir shaivam, swaami Lakshman Jee in his book "Kashmir Shaivism:
The Secret Doctrine" lists five major differences. These differences
concern with :
1) understanding of the term karma yoga
2) understanding the existence of individual being and universal being
3) understanding the essence, the substance, the basis of this universe
4) on the validity  and efficacy of kuNDalini yoga
5) on who is fit to practice the teaching

I request knowledgeable list members to discuss the similarities and
the differences as they understand.  It would be nice if the
connection between advaitam, kashmir shaivam and shrii vidya are also

Thank you.

miinalochani paashamochani

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