advaitam and Kashmir shaivam

Mon Jul 28 13:27:03 CDT 1997

Greg Goode writes:

>The GK argues against causation roughly as follows (I don't have the book
>at hand, will consult it this evening and clarify tomorrow if someone else
>hasn't done so already):  An effect (E) either exists or it doesn't.  If E
>exists, then it cannot be brought into existence by cause (C).  If E
>doesn't exist, then C can't bring it about either.  The same holds whether
>cause C exists or not.  Therefore there is no causation.  If there is no
>causation, then Shiva cannot be said to create the world, since nothing
>creates anything.  Shiva is part of maya too.

I agree with Gaudapada (and you too Greg?) that causality *is*
inconceivable, but I do not agree that causality *cannot* exist simply
because human beings cannot create a complete and coherent conceptual model
of it.  In my opinion, reality *is* absolutely unthinkable in the final
analysis, but it is as it is never the less...

best wishes to all,

Allan Curry

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